Centres of Excellence Network

18F-PET/CT accreditation is granted to centres, which fulfill the requirements indicated in the EANM imaging guidelines. Please note that accredited PET/CT CoE can have more than one scanner. However, approval is given for a specific scanner and if the centres are only allowed to use EARL approved scanners within a clinical trial approval needs to be obtained independently for each scanner which will be used in a clinical trial. 

The map above is updated on quarterly basis and contains all enrolled sites in the EARL accreditations. Last update: 17Jun2024.

The list below is a direct access to the renewed accreditations per site. During the data submission period for each quarter, the list below will be very short as all sites would automatically be asked to start the data submission. Upon analysis of the data for the quarter and if the results are within the limits of the accreditation specifications, the site would once again be listed as accredited.