Accreditation process

  1. Download, complete and remit the accreditation enrollment form via email to
  2. Your institution and your equipment will be included in our system, and we will provide EARL user credentials to the team members listed to have access for data upload and results overview
  3. You will receive the invoice for the accreditation fee
  4. You will need to submit calibration and image quality QC data for analysis by the EARL team
    • Calibration QC is submitted every quarter, except for 89Zr which is submitted once per year
    • The quarter in which your IQ data is acquired and accepted is the one when you have to submit the IQ every year thereafter
    • Additional QC data have to be submitted outside of the scheduled quarterly submissions when there is a scanner hardware and/or software, or dose calibrator updates/repairs
  5. After equipment accreditation you will receive the accreditation certificate, the signet, and your institution will be listed on our web site in the Centers of Excellence network


The timeline submission for the QC data is divided into EARL quarters as follows:


QC data submission timelines


26 Jan – 16 Feb


26 Apr – 16 May


26 Jul – 16 Aug


26 Oct – 16 Nov

The QC data could be acquired as early as one week before the data submission period starts.