ABX advanced biochemical compounds

To place an order download, complete and remit the audit report order form via email to earl@eanm.org.

Orders will be confirmed within 14 days. As a prerequisite for purchasing ABX report(s), EARL has to obtain a preapproval from ABX. Upon reply from ABX, we will send you an agreement to be signed by a legally authorised person at your institution and the invoice. Fees are payable by bank transfer only and free from any bank or currency exchange charges for EARL. Upon successful receipt of the bank transfer, within 3 working days, EARL will send you the purchased report(s) electronically. ABX only approves orders for products that have been previously purchased.

ABX Audit reports and costs

Audit date: December 2019

  • €700.00 – General GMP part purchased alone 
  • €600.00 – General GMP part and any of the individual product reports listed below
  • €999.00 – General GMP part and all individual product reports (listed below) purchased all together 
  • €75.00 – Mannose Triflate bulk
  • €75.00 – Hardware kit for the GE TRACERlab® MX Synthesizer for F-PSMA
  • €50.00 – Reagent-Hardware Kit for [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11
  • €100.00 – Precursor for [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-11
  • €50.00 – Sterile closed glass vials 
  • €75.00 – Precursor for FET

Descriptions for each individual product report can be found in the order form.

Take a peek at the sample report here. The appendices include a detailed review of the manufacturing process and the quality control of different products. This was verified at a batch example.


Within six months, a total of 80 ABX audit reports have been provided  (April ’21) to the community so far, and we have experienced an overwhelmingly positive response – so here is some of the feedback:

“It looks like a very thorough audit and report and it fits my intended use perfectly!” – 
St. Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, NL