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177Lu SPECT/CT Accreditation

The field of 177Lu radiopharmaceutical therapy is rapidly expanding, which is reflected in the increased use of existing radioligands such as [177Lu]Lu-DOTATATE or [177Lu]Lu-PSMA, with new ones such as [177Lu]Lu-FAPI already in development. Post-therapy quantitative SPECT-CT is important for treatment verification, dosimetry, and trials requiring information on the pharmacokinetics. However, SPECT-CT imaging protocols for 177Lu are not standardised, which hampers scientific progress in this rapidly developing field. EANM/EARL has therefore formed a task group to define a standardisation and harmonisation programme for quantitative 177Lu SPECT-CT. The group has proposed a specific protocol, and is in the process of validating it.

The following file contains the proposed protocol. More details will be shared at the EANM’22 congress. EARL_QSPECT_15Mar22