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"GCP in the imaging department: the clinical trials perspective"

This valuable webinar was recorded in 2012 at the EARL HQ and is presented by Ivalina Hristova, former EORTC Imaging Officer. 
It consists of two parts:

  • GCP in the imaging department (1/2): history of clinical research and why we need GCP in it
  • GCP in the imaging department (2/2): multicenter clinical trials examples

The first part is recommended and open for everyone involved or planning to be involved in clinical trials. The second part is available only for sites participating in the EARL FDG-PET/CT accreditation programme (see online boxes).

Furthermore all EANM members have access to part 1 of the webinar (http://www.eanm.org - ESNM/e-learning - Webinars). The importance of quality control is outlined in the webinar by showing practical examples of multicenter clinical trials. The examples include retrospective and prospective quality control of PET/CT scans. The retrospective example is based on an EORTC imaging sub-study where Ivalina Hristova performed QC of all scans received. The prospective example is based on a publication from Binns et al. at EJNMMI (2011) 38:642-650.

Please find below the link to the webinar Part 1:


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact EARL earl@eanm.org

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