Evaluation of feasibility for a PET/MR Accreditation programme

In December 2012 the EARL Scientific Advisory Board decided to start an initiative in the field of PET/MR. The feasibility of an accreditation programme for PET/MR should be evaluated. First EARL needs to assess some of the basic PET performance parameters on PET/MR systems i.e. some testing will be done on various machines in order to be able to give recommendations on how to scan the phantoms etc. before a pilot project can start. The tests EARL has in mind are the same as for the EARL FDG-PET/CT accreditation and involves a quality control (QC) on calibration and uniformity as well as a QC on image quality and SUV recovery. At this stage the pilot is only intended to assess the feasibility and added value of a possible PET/MR accreditation. The rationale for accreditation would be to allow comparable PET/MR data in case of multicenter studies and guaranteeing a minimal image quality and quantitative performance. However, EARL realizes that PET/MR is still a developing technology and therefore initially EARL would like to collect some basic phantom data as a basis for a PET/MR accreditation programme, very similar as EARL has done for PET/CT.

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