In 2007 EARL started its pilot project, "European Database of [123I]FP-CIT (DaTSCAN) SPECT scans of healthy controls (ENC-DAT)", which was successfully completed in 2010. The reference database acquired in this project represents a milestone in research into and diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

The ENC-DAT database is the world’s largest normal database of FP-CIT scans:
  • Collaborative effort by 13 European institutions in ten European countries 
  • Extensive age- and sex-corrected reference database of 152 healthy controls
  • Equipment-independent quantitative reference values                                               
  • Enabling between-centre comparisons of DaTSCAN findings 
  • Enabling data pooling for clinical and scientific (academic or industry-sponsored) studies
  • Quantum leap with respect to standardisation and quality improvement of DaTSCAN SPECT investigations in Europe  

In this project EARL proved its dedication to standardisation by applying centre cross-calibration procedures using one travelling phantom and a single network physicist to minimise inter-operator variability.

Participating centres:

Participating Centres

ABX-CRO, a contract research organisation focussing on nuclear medicine, was selected by the EANM to professionally support the ENC-DAT study.

The ENC-DAT database is highly valued by clinical health professionals and researchers. Moreover, the industry is interested in developing specialised software for use of the database.

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