Two companies have successfully applied the results of the ENC-DAT study to the development of dedicated softwares:

GE Healthcare DaTQUANT* neurologic application allows qualitative and quantitative analysis of Ioflupane (123I) images.
DaTQUANT advanced quantification may provide additional information that may not be revealed by visual reading alone.
DaTQUANT includes:
• Automated non-rigid registration with predefined Ioflupane (123I) template
• Fast Ioflupane (123I) SPECT image quantitative analysis: computation of uptake values in the striatum, striatal binding ratios, putamen/caudate ratios, and left/right asymmetry
• Consistent, repeatable and accurate analysis
• Easy and consistent reporting (PDF format) for referring physicians

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*Trademark of General Electric Company.

Complete “One-click” Automated Brain Analysis
BRASS DAT was developed in cooperation with the EARL ENC-DAT initiative.
It features:
• Quantification based on MR atlas-based 3D regions for quantification.
• Over 100 ENC-DAT normals included in database.
• Age correction applied.
• Camera correction applied.
• Normal limits for patient age displayed.
BRASS DAT can be used on-line or on your desktop!
Based on over 10 years’ experience of Brain SPECT quantification.

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