Organisational Structure

EARL has two CEOs. Both operate according to the “four-eye principle” and report to the EANM Board. Physicists, physicians and scientists from leading European institutions, together with EANM support, ensure the expertise and authority of EARL.

EARL provides scientific support through the Scientific Advisory Board, where high-ranking experts in nuclear medicine provide leadership on scientific questions. Experts from different countries have been selected to act within the six main projects (status as of September 2011).

EARL operates technical committees for the sub-specialties of nuclear medicine (NoEs, Networks of Excellence), which are composed of member institutions internationally acknowledged to have the highest imaging standards. The Neuroimaging NoE has been created as the first technical committee of EARL. 

Each member institution delegates two representatives to the network council, which elects a network speaker and a network manager. Business rules in accordance with the highest democratic standards and permanent operative organs ensure broad acceptance of NoE decisions and professional implementation.

The network speaker represents the network in dealings with EARL, EANM and external partners. The network manager is responsible for the day-to-day business, network activities and administrative tasks.

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